Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Starting this Blog

This blog is for me and me alone. Here I'm going to write in English, not only to practice it more but also because it's fun.
DataBlog and TyƶasemaBlog are for my vocational studies (that's why they're in Finnish).
I have vocational qualification in ICT (information and communication technology) so I'm a datanome (a rough translation of "datanomi"?) in Tavastia.
If any foreigners comment here, I'd appreciate you'd point out any typos I might insert by accident...

What I'm going to use this blog for?
- Maybe to write down some parts of my life, including my game development progress...
(I'm making games with Game Maker for PC (other platforms if I purchase modules))

Why I created this blog?
- No reason, really... I just felt like it.

- Aleksi Hovila