Sunday, October 30, 2016

My current intentions

I've already said that I'm making games with GM, yes.
But I've lately done no progress to any of the games.
I have four games in mind right now;
- I Affect the World; the Story of Mala (BBNR)
- Cube-Hard Remake Collection (CH2R)
- Cube-Hard 3 (CH3) and
- Kauppa Guide (KAUPPGUID)

I'm planning on creating more designs for CH3, as well as fix and replace a few things.
I'm also planning on adding more mechanisms into BBNR's test mech, along with Kauppa Guide.
Once I get Kauppa Guide out of the way, I think I'll focus on CH3 and then CH2R. After that, I'll have more time and interest for BBNR.

The reason I think this is a good idea is because Kauppa Guide had a deadline. It's late and it's still not available. You could say that it's pretty much in the same state as Big Rigs... But, I'm not publishing it before its playable. Don't expect a playable version anytime soon.

Also, my Cube-Hard games are pretty much planned out in advance, so I only have to redo them in GM Studio.

And then comes BBNR, the game that has the least progress of the four. If I focus on it alone now, I might end up in a cycle of not finishing any of my games. So I think my decision is as follows:

I'll first make Kauppa guide, along with designing Cube-Hard 3 when I have ideas,
I'll complete CH3 and publish it,
I'll start making CH2R and publish it when it's ready
and then I'll start working on BBNR entirely.

After BBNR is done, I might focus on my other ideas and see if they get anywhere...

That's all for now.

Monday, October 17, 2016

I Affect the World; the Story of Mala Concept (Outfits)

These are the current Outfits I'm planning on having in BBNR.
There's 15 of them and they differ in appearance and ability.
However, to keep it interesting, I'm only showing them as well as write their descriptions.
Or, well, might as well give hints on their abilities. They may be revealed in the future.

1. Nice/Normal Outfit
In-Game Description: Look like you're from another place.
(This is how Mala looks like during Nice/Normal Mode. However, this Outfit can be purchased and used in Nightmare/Never, for a small price.)
Ability Hint: None. This Outfit has no benefits.

2. Nightmare/Never Outfit
In-Game Description: Look like you're from another place.
(This is how Mala looks like during Nightmare/Never Mode. However, this Outfit can be purchased and used in Nice/Normal, for a small price.)
Ability Hint: None. This Outfit has no benefits.

3. Nurse Outfit
In-Game Description: Bring your white shine to the darkness of this world.
Ability Hint: Health

4. Adventurer Outfit
In-Game Description: All you're missing now is a whip and a bag.
Ability Hint: Boxing Glove and Rock Thorn

5. Elf Outfit
In-Game Description: You're one with the forest, now.
Ability Hint: Enemies

6. Pink Bow
In-Game Description: It fits you so well.
Ability Hint: Enemies

7. Solid Haircut
In-Game Description: How does it feel to have your hair cut shorter after such a time?
Ability Hint: Hitbox (oops, i gave it away...)

8. Baggie Suit
In-Game Description: Our childhood heroine, reincarnated!
Ability Hint: Jump

9. Boxer Outfit **
In-Game Description: Donated by Mama Boxer.
Ability Hint: Boxing Glove

10. Rock Outfit **
In-Game Description: Made out of Hock's rubble.
Ability Hint: Shield

11. Ghost Outfit **
In-Game Description: Pollo gave you this. *
Ability Hint: Water

12. Shadow Outfit **
In-Game Description: Found from the Manor.
Ability Hint: The Shadow World

13. Robot Outfit **
In-Game Description: Built from Gatekeeper's scrap metal.
Ability Hint: Projectiles (oops, i gave it away again...)
(By far, my personal favorite.)

14. Other Klyde's Coat **
In-Game Description: It was found, repaired and made to fit you.
Ability Hint: Enemies

15. Messy Outfit **
In-Game Description: Looks like something out of this world.
Ability Hint: Jump

* If you're wondering "Who's Pollo?", he... (or she?) a character that appears during Chapter 3.
** You might've noticed already, but these are Boss Outfits. They're unlocked when you beat the corresponding boss. And as they're available after Chapter 2, I might add additional price tags... I still have to think about that...

I might delete this post.

That's all for now.