Friday, July 22, 2016

I Affect the World; the Story of Mala Concept (Bosses)

NOTE: This post includes spoilers for the project BBNR. Read if you don't care.

Modification 1 - Changed Ultimate's music track (see below)

Felt like doing this...
I am now listing down the 7 bosses that I plan to include in BBNR. I am NOT going to tell the "defeat methods", no. I'm only showing what they look like and some other info...

1. Mama Boxer
Description: She is a "Boxing Blob", a race from an unknown source. She grew much bigger and stronger than an average Boxing Blob, allowing her to protect others important to her. She attended many unknown boxing matches, winning them all. And now, she's settled in the forest for training other Blobs to do the same, until Mala arrives one day...

Appearance: Purple eye, green skin, red gloves
Fought on: Level 1-6 "They Call Her a Boxing Champion"
Music*: "Punching Bag"
Reward(s): Item (Boxing Glove), Medal (Guess the Match is Over)
Difficulty level: Easy

2. Hock the Rock Hedgehog
Description: Hock is a huge adult Rock Hedgehog, another "unknown source creature"... Long ago, Rock Hedgehogs attacked the Kingdoms and were finally defeated by humans. They disappeared and didn't come back until Mala decided to move... Hock was lonely without fellow "hocks" and started to turn very aggressive towards anyone. That's why he'll attack her, too...

Appearance: Red eyes, white teeth, gray rock body, big claws
Fought on: Level 2-5 "Meet the Rock Hedgehog"
Music*: "Say Hello to the Hog"
Reward(s): Item (Rock Thorn), Medal (No More Hogging Around)
Difficulty level: Medium

3. Huma, the Spirit of Water
Description: Huma (named randomly by ghosts) was a human who died in the caves. His life was full of misery, hate and death. Because of his life, his afterlife form as a water spirit turned the cave into a deadly obstacle course. Anyone trying to take a swim, even on the tiniest bit will be pulled under, never to return to the surface again. And for some reason, this thing seems to hate seeing Mala...

Appearance: Non-transparent
Fought on: Level 3-4 "The Heart of the Caves"
Music*: "Death from Depths"
Reward(s): Item (Gem of Darkness), Medal (Sinking to the Bottom)
Difficulty level: Medium

4. Shadow Mala, the Twisted Reflection
Description: Shadow Mala... I don't know, myself. She just appeared out of nowhere and hides at the Hill Manor... Maybe there was a reason she's there, waiting... Oh yeah, she's actually a monster in reality, therefore two looks...

Appearance: Completely dark (Mala), dark purple color, spiky hair (Monster)
Fought on: Level 4-4 "The Truth Revealed"
Music*: "A Broken Reflection" (early title: Flipping Monstrosity Madness)
Reward(s): Item (Book of the Royals), Medal (No More Sciophobia)
Difficulty level: Medium

5. Gatekeeper
Description: He's a robot encountered close to the inner castle's gates. He holds the key to its lock... You can't go over him... You have a fast-narrowing distance to another wall... What do you do? Oh yeah... Just so you know, he's there to prove Other Klyde that you're unstoppable because of your Items. That's one reason why he takes them away after you beat Gatekeeper.

Appearance: Shoulder armor, stretchable mechanical arms, transparent front hatch, light gray legs
Fought on: Level 5-5 "Look Who's Here"
Music*: "The Unbreakable Steel Wall"
Reward(s): Medal (Get Out of the Way!)
Difficulty level: Easy

6. Other Klyde (Final)
Description: The main antagonist, the evil twin of your friend etc... He's really called Klyde as well, but people never knew which they were talking about, leading to him being called "Other Klyde" or "That Klyde" or "That Other Klyde". This guy DEFINITELY has tricks up his long sleeves... Not just his ridiculously powerful sword.

Appearance: Long gray coat, blue hair, red eyes (also blue sword)
Fought on: Level 6-3 "A Fiery Finale"
Music*: "Red Flames Cover the Skies"
Reward(s): Medal (The End of the Red Age)
Difficulty level: Hard

7. Ultimate, the Impossible Being (Optional)
Description: A calm teenage boy that appears in Mala's dreams who warps into things at will. For some reason, he attacks her immediately after looking at her. NOTE THIS; he looks angry only because of his bright eye color... of, uh... turquoise? Yeah. He's actually blank right now.

Appearance: Messy brown hair, gray shirt, jeans, turquoise eyes (basic)
Fought on: Level 7-6 "Wake Up Call"
Music*: "Round of Fun" (early title: Are You Ready for Some Fun?)
Reward(s): Medal (In My Dreams, I Make the Rules)
Difficulty level: Hard

NOTE: Some of this info might be changed or removed during development.

*Deemo-R composes the music. He might want to change these titles.

I might delete this post.

That's all for now.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

I call this "realization"...

I have thought about this for a while...

I am good at making games? No, I'm not. I'm good at DESIGNING them...

This makes sense, as I made horrible games back in the day and today, I can't do anything. All my games are far from finished and they lack actual programming...

My current game plans and projects, however, have lots of thought put into them.

I am not a smart person. I am an idiot. I can't learn things easily. I have to be shown instructions not by video, but by actually doing it next to me.

That's why I'm not using programming languages like C (at least not yet?); because I don't understand it. And I'm pretty certain that it'd be too difficult for me to learn...

I should just leave programming aside and design games instead, right?

That's all for now...