Saturday, March 25, 2017

My official Allu13 logos

I wanted to list these here...
I've made myself several logos... See them below...

Used for "normal games", games that use custom shading on characters and environment.

Used for games in just or mostly black and white, no gray. (Exception: SpaceX)

To be used in a game with only four shades of a color.

To be used in games that include either bloody (n gory) violence or horror.

Might not be used, really. Except for lazy games I might make in the future.

Don't know if I ever use this one, either.

To be used for games that are colorful but don't have too much lighting involved. Also possibly old school gameplay.

To be used in games that kids can play or involve romance for the most part.

Possibly used for remade games.

Used in games I don't own but take part in. (Example: Happy Block Platforming)

That's all for now.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Yet another quick game idea! Why?!

I seem to have some gift of coming up with the most random things...

A platformer idea but I'm not telling its name...
This was made during the school day!
If this becomes a real project as well, it has to be after Midbyte. I can't make two games at once, it's literally impossible for me...
No, wait... Actually, it isn't.
I could create concept and come to a decision to make it. Because it's yet another idea I consider "having good concept".
Like all the time.


That's all for now.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Minesweeper addiction

A comic I made on MS Paint for fun... funfunfunfun....
Might as well try to write something... rather pointless...

Minesweeper. That simple yet f*cking addicting game. I have played SO many games on it...
I beat it multiple times (even on Expert) and I'm still coming back for more.

My winning ratio is very small (especially on Expert for those f*cking annoying f*cking 50/50 chances, just like in the f*cking comic).

However, it is maybe a bit too addicting sometimes.
I remember having played it for some time and I started seeing numbers and bombs on my school's halls (along with a headache).

I usually end up playing it during free time when I have nothing to do. Makes sense, right? Well, how about opening it up during a lesson? I've done that many times...

Another addicting game I like to play over and over is Solitaire. But what the hell would you do with that info, anyway?

This post, it's so pointless.

Just One Glass - Another goddamn game idea, again!

I was listening to CANDYdisturber's music and this particular track gave me some game idea...

A man (who doesn't really remember anything) getting involved with something out of his control, and it all starts with... Just One Glass. (Hehe)

I was thinking of creating a story split to three Chapters:
- A Girl and a Glass
- Forgotten Memories
- Beyond My Control

I've already tried (for just a couple of minutes) to create a design for the protagonist.
Suggest him a name, maybe?
First design. Started with just lines this time, aiming for "realism"... Not gonna work, I know.
Hey, have an animated GIF for the hell of it.
Jesus Christ, this thumbnail design...
Also, the font in the first two images (I call CrappyNESFont) was made in BitFontMaker2...

I want opinions!!!

That's all for now.