Friday, December 23, 2016

Are real people even reading my blogs...?

This has bothered me for quite some time now.
I have recently found out that not all views on my blogs are legit. A huge portion of them are just spam.

I just wish for REAL PEOPLE to come read my blog and COMMENT EVEN ONCE...
But no. It has to be this way... (O ho ho, that MGRR reference...)

If there is no solution to this rather big problem, I might stop using Blogger entirely. And I'm serious.

Oh yeah, this is also the reason why I deleted my "Seen around the world? What?!" post. I can't believe that the views are that legit anymore.

As for BBNR? It's developing slowly. Don't expect a demo before 2017... Or anytime soon in 2017 anyway. It'll take me a long time to get it done.

That's all for now...

Monday, November 28, 2016

BBNR "Mech Test"

Hey, I've actually started working on it! Yay...
So, I had time today, thought- Hey, maybe actually do something about this...
Never mind. I'll stop trying to make an interesting introduction to this post and just get to it.

So far:
-Two types of Saws
*A quick one, bangs and bounces at the end, one direction)
*A slow one, slowly moves into one direction, bounces at the ends
-Mala and her "Nice/Normal Outfit" as well as basic movements. Items, as well as their functions, have been added.
-A parallax background, not visible in the screenshot, set by the HP Gauge at the top left.
-A small level (called "TEST") with almost perfect tiling. (Not sure if final)
-Added two additional test levels; "TUTORIALTEST" and "HUMABOSS"

Here are two three screenshots from the "mech test" (shrunk to fit the post):

Current in-game resolution: 640 x 480
Current in-game framerate: 30 FPS
The start of the test level, the "quick" Saw
The end of the test level, the "slow" Saw
Addition: Huma's Boss Stage. Obviously, though, it doesn't work yet.

Do you like it? Should the game look like this?

Just wanted you to see a glance.

I will try and get some good footage for a future post, but I'll have to see that through.

That's all for now.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Decision on BBNR's key feature...

BBNR was supposed to have "changing colors", being the game's main feature.
I've come to a conclusion that I'm not capable of doing it.
It will be mentioned in the Museum (A bit of a spoiler there, I'll talk about this "Museum" later...)

The reason I think I can't do it is because of the complexity it would be.
I should constantly check if it works properly and I can't use GM to its fullest, so I can't really make a feature like that.
Therefore I'll make the game with the current "light" color scheme.
It'll also save me time from making each frame look different.
The other color schemes may act as development to the final light version, like it used to be.

One more thing, when I started talking to Deemo about the game's music, he said that the game's font is "too small to read". However, those "screenshots" are just pictures drawn on MS Paint.

And the font? Now it's old. I've made a new font for BBNR, characters being max 7*7 pixels wide. Unfortunately, it isn't an official font, just hand-drawn.

Because of this, it's very time-consuming and difficult to write every line in the game, but I rather do that than go through the trouble to create an actual font.

That's all for now.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

BBNR demo (announcement?)

I was thinking of making a BBNR demo. If that would prove this idea to be interesting for the gamers, I would (more than?) happily develop the full game.

Of course, in "My current intentions" post... Sh*t...
Well, might as well shelve the Kauppa Guide game and focus on this demo. It's more important, anyway.

I've already talked to Deemo-R about this and I think he's pretty much agreeing with me.
He'd do 7 of the... (was it 31 or 29 tracks?) for the demo.
(Oh yeah, check him out. He makes amazing music.)

What I plan to include in the demo:
- Full 1st Chapter (Levels 1-6, including the Boss and Bonus Stages)
- The first two Items (Double Jump Boots and the Boxing Glove)
- A few Medals
- Possible placeholder music by Deemo-R (?)
- It'll be free (being only a demo, of course)

When I've done more progress to this sudden side project, I'll post more about it.

Also, Deemo, thanks for the sketches. They're quite amazing.

That's all for now.

Friday, November 11, 2016

A Finnish guide to tourists

UPDATE 1 - A new way to spell Ä and Ö! LEGIT!

If you ever visit Finland and want to know a bit of our complex language, keep this in mind.
Many Finns understand English. Still, some of us might not. If you want to give it a try, here's a few useful words and sentences. Try to pronounce them as they're written (the way we talk).

Also, we Finns use Äs and Ös.
Ä sounds like the A in "last".
Ö sounds like the I in "first".

Hei. (Hi.)
Moi. (a bit more informal "hei", used with friends)
Terve! (Hello!)
Päivää! / Hyvää päivää! (Good day!)
Iltaa! / Hyvää iltaa! (Good evening!)

Kuinka(s) menee? (How is it going? / How are you doing?)
Miten (sinulla) menee? (How is it going? / How are you doing?)

Minulla menee hyvin. (I'm doing fine.)
Huono päivä... (A bad day...)
Ihan hyvin, entäs sinulla? (Just fine, what about you?)

Asking for something:
Anteeksi... (Excuse me...)
Haittaako jos kysyn jotain? (Mind if I ask something?)

Puhutko englantia? (Do you speak English?)

Missä on... (Where's the...)
- vessa? (toilet? / bathroom?)
- keittiö? (kitchen?)
- eteinen? (entrance?)
- hotelli? (hotel?)
- puhelin? (telephone?)
- elokuvateatteri? / leffateatteri? (cinema? / movie theater?)
- rautatieasema? / juna-asema? (train station?)
- kauppa? (store?)
- sairaala? (hospital?)

Another way to say "Where's this?" is to swap the places of "on?" and the location. For example:
Missä vessa on?

Giving directions:
Vasemmalle... (To the left...)
Suoraan eteenpäin... (Go forward...)
Oikealle... (To the right...)

...lta / ...sta (from...)
EXAMPLE: Sairaalalta (from the hospital)
EXAMPLE P2: Sairaalasta eteenpäin (Go forward from the hospital)

Kiitos. (Thank you.)
Kiitti. (Thanks.)
Kiitos (todella) paljon. (Thank you very much.)

Hei hei. (Bye bye.)
Näkemiin! (See you!)
Moi moi. (Bye bye, used with acquaintances)

If you want to sound a bit more fluent, try to extend the double letters as you talk. It's a bit more Finnish.

*Ääkköset are a twist from our word for alphabet, aakkoset. We use it for ä and ö only. (?)

One more thing, don't trust Google Translator. You never know.

That's all for now.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

My current intentions

I've already said that I'm making games with GM, yes.
But I've lately done no progress to any of the games.
I have four games in mind right now;
- I Affect the World; the Story of Mala (BBNR)
- Cube-Hard Remake Collection (CH2R)
- Cube-Hard 3 (CH3) and
- Kauppa Guide (KAUPPGUID)

I'm planning on creating more designs for CH3, as well as fix and replace a few things.
I'm also planning on adding more mechanisms into BBNR's test mech, along with Kauppa Guide.
Once I get Kauppa Guide out of the way, I think I'll focus on CH3 and then CH2R. After that, I'll have more time and interest for BBNR.

The reason I think this is a good idea is because Kauppa Guide had a deadline. It's late and it's still not available. You could say that it's pretty much in the same state as Big Rigs... But, I'm not publishing it before its playable. Don't expect a playable version anytime soon.

Also, my Cube-Hard games are pretty much planned out in advance, so I only have to redo them in GM Studio.

And then comes BBNR, the game that has the least progress of the four. If I focus on it alone now, I might end up in a cycle of not finishing any of my games. So I think my decision is as follows:

I'll first make Kauppa guide, along with designing Cube-Hard 3 when I have ideas,
I'll complete CH3 and publish it,
I'll start making CH2R and publish it when it's ready
and then I'll start working on BBNR entirely.

After BBNR is done, I might focus on my other ideas and see if they get anywhere...

That's all for now.

Monday, October 17, 2016

I Affect the World; the Story of Mala Concept (Outfits)

These are the current Outfits I'm planning on having in BBNR.
There's 15 of them and they differ in appearance and ability.
However, to keep it interesting, I'm only showing them as well as write their descriptions.
Or, well, might as well give hints on their abilities. They may be revealed in the future.

1. Nice/Normal Outfit
In-Game Description: Look like you're from another place.
(This is how Mala looks like during Nice/Normal Mode. However, this Outfit can be purchased and used in Nightmare/Never, for a small price.)
Ability Hint: None. This Outfit has no benefits.

2. Nightmare/Never Outfit
In-Game Description: Look like you're from another place.
(This is how Mala looks like during Nightmare/Never Mode. However, this Outfit can be purchased and used in Nice/Normal, for a small price.)
Ability Hint: None. This Outfit has no benefits.

3. Nurse Outfit
In-Game Description: Bring your white shine to the darkness of this world.
Ability Hint: Health

4. Adventurer Outfit
In-Game Description: All you're missing now is a whip and a bag.
Ability Hint: Boxing Glove and Rock Thorn

5. Elf Outfit
In-Game Description: You're one with the forest, now.
Ability Hint: Enemies

6. Pink Bow
In-Game Description: It fits you so well.
Ability Hint: Enemies

7. Solid Haircut
In-Game Description: How does it feel to have your hair cut shorter after such a time?
Ability Hint: Hitbox (oops, i gave it away...)

8. Baggie Suit
In-Game Description: Our childhood heroine, reincarnated!
Ability Hint: Jump

9. Boxer Outfit **
In-Game Description: Donated by Mama Boxer.
Ability Hint: Boxing Glove

10. Rock Outfit **
In-Game Description: Made out of Hock's rubble.
Ability Hint: Shield

11. Ghost Outfit **
In-Game Description: Pollo gave you this. *
Ability Hint: Water

12. Shadow Outfit **
In-Game Description: Found from the Manor.
Ability Hint: The Shadow World

13. Robot Outfit **
In-Game Description: Built from Gatekeeper's scrap metal.
Ability Hint: Projectiles (oops, i gave it away again...)
(By far, my personal favorite.)

14. Other Klyde's Coat **
In-Game Description: It was found, repaired and made to fit you.
Ability Hint: Enemies

15. Messy Outfit **
In-Game Description: Looks like something out of this world.
Ability Hint: Jump

* If you're wondering "Who's Pollo?", he... (or she?) a character that appears during Chapter 3.
** You might've noticed already, but these are Boss Outfits. They're unlocked when you beat the corresponding boss. And as they're available after Chapter 2, I might add additional price tags... I still have to think about that...

I might delete this post.

That's all for now.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Small changes for ease

I've decided to make a small change in Kauppa Guide...

I've been having trouble with one of the simplest mechanics ever: To show a tick next to the selected game to show you that this game was completed, in Normal Mode or Hard Mode.

So, I've decided to reject that idea and add a menu called "Progress" instead.

In this menu, it'd show the faces of the game characters and a colored tick next to them.
There'd also be the stats of completed Normal Mode and Hard Mode games.
I have to think if there could be something else, too.

If I use this technique, I might actually get it to work and I can move on to the other mini games.

I've also come up with lots of game ideas, but they have to wait. A LOOOONG time...

That's all for now.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Update: Nothing done...

I'm completely confused...
I'm getting nothing done.

All that's now working in Kauppa Guide (besides the menus) is the first mini game, Siivouskeikka (Cleaning Duty in English) and even that isn't completely playable. I'm progressing very slowly, but I'm getting it done.

That's all for now.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

A lil' Update

So, haven't been using Blogger in a while...

There's a few things that I'd like to point out.

First, Kauppa Guide isn't even near completion. All that is working right now is the menus.

Second, I haven't made YouTube videos in over a year, and I only made "Geometry Dash" videos.
I've planned to make a video, but I really don't want to record myself talking. I could be interrupted, I could end up stuttering etc... I was thinking of making a slideshow video, but that has to wait (for a while, at least).

That's all for now.

Friday, July 22, 2016

I Affect the World; the Story of Mala Concept (Bosses)

NOTE: This post includes spoilers for the project BBNR. Read if you don't care.

Modification 1 - Changed Ultimate's music track (see below)

Felt like doing this...
I am now listing down the 7 bosses that I plan to include in BBNR. I am NOT going to tell the "defeat methods", no. I'm only showing what they look like and some other info...

1. Mama Boxer
Description: She is a "Boxing Blob", a race from an unknown source. She grew much bigger and stronger than an average Boxing Blob, allowing her to protect others important to her. She attended many unknown boxing matches, winning them all. And now, she's settled in the forest for training other Blobs to do the same, until Mala arrives one day...

Appearance: Purple eye, green skin, red gloves
Fought on: Level 1-6 "They Call Her a Boxing Champion"
Music*: "Punching Bag"
Reward(s): Item (Boxing Glove), Medal (Guess the Match is Over)
Difficulty level: Easy

2. Hock the Rock Hedgehog
Description: Hock is a huge adult Rock Hedgehog, another "unknown source creature"... Long ago, Rock Hedgehogs attacked the Kingdoms and were finally defeated by humans. They disappeared and didn't come back until Mala decided to move... Hock was lonely without fellow "hocks" and started to turn very aggressive towards anyone. That's why he'll attack her, too...

Appearance: Red eyes, white teeth, gray rock body, big claws
Fought on: Level 2-5 "Meet the Rock Hedgehog"
Music*: "Say Hello to the Hog"
Reward(s): Item (Rock Thorn), Medal (No More Hogging Around)
Difficulty level: Medium

3. Huma, the Spirit of Water
Description: Huma (named randomly by ghosts) was a human who died in the caves. His life was full of misery, hate and death. Because of his life, his afterlife form as a water spirit turned the cave into a deadly obstacle course. Anyone trying to take a swim, even on the tiniest bit will be pulled under, never to return to the surface again. And for some reason, this thing seems to hate seeing Mala...

Appearance: Non-transparent
Fought on: Level 3-4 "The Heart of the Caves"
Music*: "Death from Depths"
Reward(s): Item (Gem of Darkness), Medal (Sinking to the Bottom)
Difficulty level: Medium

4. Shadow Mala, the Twisted Reflection
Description: Shadow Mala... I don't know, myself. She just appeared out of nowhere and hides at the Hill Manor... Maybe there was a reason she's there, waiting... Oh yeah, she's actually a monster in reality, therefore two looks...

Appearance: Completely dark (Mala), dark purple color, spiky hair (Monster)
Fought on: Level 4-4 "The Truth Revealed"
Music*: "A Broken Reflection" (early title: Flipping Monstrosity Madness)
Reward(s): Item (Book of the Royals), Medal (No More Sciophobia)
Difficulty level: Medium

5. Gatekeeper
Description: He's a robot encountered close to the inner castle's gates. He holds the key to its lock... You can't go over him... You have a fast-narrowing distance to another wall... What do you do? Oh yeah... Just so you know, he's there to prove Other Klyde that you're unstoppable because of your Items. That's one reason why he takes them away after you beat Gatekeeper.

Appearance: Shoulder armor, stretchable mechanical arms, transparent front hatch, light gray legs
Fought on: Level 5-5 "Look Who's Here"
Music*: "The Unbreakable Steel Wall"
Reward(s): Medal (Get Out of the Way!)
Difficulty level: Easy

6. Other Klyde (Final)
Description: The main antagonist, the evil twin of your friend etc... He's really called Klyde as well, but people never knew which they were talking about, leading to him being called "Other Klyde" or "That Klyde" or "That Other Klyde". This guy DEFINITELY has tricks up his long sleeves... Not just his ridiculously powerful sword.

Appearance: Long gray coat, blue hair, red eyes (also blue sword)
Fought on: Level 6-3 "A Fiery Finale"
Music*: "Red Flames Cover the Skies"
Reward(s): Medal (The End of the Red Age)
Difficulty level: Hard

7. Ultimate, the Impossible Being (Optional)
Description: A calm teenage boy that appears in Mala's dreams who warps into things at will. For some reason, he attacks her immediately after looking at her. NOTE THIS; he looks angry only because of his bright eye color... of, uh... turquoise? Yeah. He's actually blank right now.

Appearance: Messy brown hair, gray shirt, jeans, turquoise eyes (basic)
Fought on: Level 7-6 "Wake Up Call"
Music*: "Round of Fun" (early title: Are You Ready for Some Fun?)
Reward(s): Medal (In My Dreams, I Make the Rules)
Difficulty level: Hard

NOTE: Some of this info might be changed or removed during development.

*Deemo-R composes the music. He might want to change these titles.

I might delete this post.

That's all for now.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

I call this "realization"...

I have thought about this for a while...

I am good at making games? No, I'm not. I'm good at DESIGNING them...

This makes sense, as I made horrible games back in the day and today, I can't do anything. All my games are far from finished and they lack actual programming...

My current game plans and projects, however, have lots of thought put into them.

I am not a smart person. I am an idiot. I can't learn things easily. I have to be shown instructions not by video, but by actually doing it next to me.

That's why I'm not using programming languages like C (at least not yet?); because I don't understand it. And I'm pretty certain that it'd be too difficult for me to learn...

I should just leave programming aside and design games instead, right?

That's all for now...

Monday, June 27, 2016

Having troubles with... EVERYTHING...

So, I've lately gone through a lot...

For about a week and a half, my family's been to Ireland.
In the meantime, I had to take care of the cats and meet my personal assistant EVERY DAY...
Oh yeah, I also had many music therapy (MuTe) meetings...

Also, I had a 39 degree fever yesterday...

And now something about BBNR...
The game is supposed to have "changing colors", meaning that the graphics go more blank as you get hurt. The custom picture below is supposed to present that.

As I am now, I'm not certain if I'm capable of doing this feature. A possibility is that all backgrounds are active and have all their states (light, color, blank) but only one of them is visible at a time.
Maybe this could be used on the tiles as well... Who knows?

At the worst case, this "main feature" must be left out, possibly replaced with transparent black rings or something like that...

That's all for now...

Friday, June 17, 2016

A GameJolt account

I finally created my own GameJolt account.
Ayrayen recommended me to make one, so...

Aleksi_Allu13 is the name of my profile. Currently I have no games on there, but when I'm done with

Cube-Hard (2) Remake
(considered to be renamed as "Cube-Hard Remake Collection")

Cube-Hard 3

I'll upload them there, as FREE.

I'll probably upload Kauppa Guide there, as well.

PS. As I'm writing this:

- I update some older posts from time to time, so be sure to check them every now and then.

That's all for now.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Should I make I Affect the World; the Story of Mala PAID?

I've been thinking...

Game Maker Studio (which I happen to own) allows developers to publish games to GM Player, which pretty much replaces Sandbox (as far as I know).*

But, Player also allows developers to sell their games (with "30% revenue" to Yoyo Games?*) with a limit to how many games you can upload at a time, which are:
2 (Free)*
5 (Professional, I own it)*
10 (Master Collection)*

The question is:
If I upload my game (BBNR) there, will I have it free or paid?

Well, paid games must be good and fun to play... I'm certain my game will be that.
But, my development skills aren't good;
I mostly use Drag n' Drop actions (which are for beginners).
I think I could upload it for 0.99-1.99 if I make it entirely in GML? Of course, that could take some time...

What I want to provide:
- Fun and challenging gameplay
- Interesting plot and backstory
- Controls that are comfortable (possible Gamepad support?)
- Medals and different Modes for replay value (?)
- A colorful bunch of characters and a beautiful world
- A fitting soundtrack (which might have to be made by someone else...)
- Fun bosses (I really like my concept for Hock the Rock Hedgehog...)

The problem here:
I m not certain of requirements for selling a game in the Player.
(If there are any specific ones about the way the games are made, I've missed them.)

Why paid?
- If I put lots of effort into BBNR, I wish to get more than reviews or ratings.
I want effort salary. **

If you want a straight link to Game Maker Player:

* I found information from GM Player FAQs.
** Here, I meant to say "vaivanpalkka" which means "payment for effort".
Translations were always "effort salary".

I might delete this post.

* Required

Saturday, June 11, 2016

I suck at designing...

Lately, I've thought up so many beautiful worlds, each having a unique story and landscape.
Unfortunately, I have one problem; myself. I suck at executing them.

Some of you might already know about my Old Allu13 games. They were poorly executed and I regret it up to this day. Luckily, it seems they can't be found anymore.
What I would want to be able to do is to create games with beautiful appearance, but it just isn't possible for me.
I'd have to find a professional (or at least someone better than me) somewhere but I don't know where.

What I'm worst at is making backgrounds. All the time, I think of something, but I can't bring it to my screen.
This picture is my latest result for a forest background in BBNR.

Not very pretty, right?
Its current version

As seen on this picture, this is pretty much my creativity's limit.
I don't want to execute background designs as I'm not good at it, but I don't want to publish a game without any, either. So, yeah, there's a problem.

If I can't find a solution soon, I might end up "Destroying" all my ideas or give them to someone else to continue...

So in short:
- I'm good at creating unique worlds, each having their own characters and stories (inside my head).
- I'm terrible in execution as I lack the required experience.
(Like... I don't know proper programming language like C...)

That's all for now...

Thursday, June 9, 2016

I Affect the World; the Story of Mala (Medals)

I didn't want to post this as this post includes spoilers for my game.
But, I'm doing it anyway. Here are the 27 33 34 35 Medals I'm planning to have in BBNR:

Modification 1 - Added 6 Challenge Medals (see below)
Modification 2 - Added Medal "Nothing to Wear" as the 7th Silver Medal
Modification 3 - Added Medal "Animal Lovers Disapprove" and changed Medal "Not... Enough..."
Modification 4 - Changed the Coin Medals

Bronze Medals (8):
1. Rich
Awarded when you have 100 Coins.

2. Shiny...
Awarded when you've collected the first of 12 Pieces (by finding it in a level or completing a Bonus Stage).

3. Masochistic
Awarded when you create a game in all 4 slots.
(Stupid, I know...)

4. Animal Lovers Disapprove
Awarded after killing a total of 50 enemies (of any kind).

5. My First Purchase
Awarded when you've bought your first item at Omar's Store.

6. A Raise
Awarded when you've beaten one of the Bonus Stages.

7. Guess the Match is Over
Awarded when you beat Mama Boxer for the first time.

8. Get Out of the Way!
Awarded when you beat Gatekeeper for the first time.

Silver Medals (11):
1. Very. Rich
Awarded when you have 500 Coins.

2. Okay, Better Avoid That...
Awarded after you've found all the ways to die in the game.
(You have to visit Nightmare/Never Mode to find one of them.)

3. Winged
Awarded after completing a level with an A Rank.

4. Sweet Tooth
Awarded after eating a total of 100 Lollipops (the items used to restore lost Heart Units).

5. The End.
Awarded after beating the game in Nice or Normal Mode for the first time.

6. Not... Enough...
Awarded after killing a total of 100 enemies (of any kind).

7. Nothing to Wear
Awarded after buying all Outfits form Omar's store. ***

8. A Row of Bonuses
Awarded after completing all Bonus Stages once.

9. No More Hogging Around
Awarded after beating Hock for the first time.

10. Sinking to the Bottom
Awarded after you defeat Huma for the first time.

11. No More Sciophobia
Awarded after beating Shadow Mala for the first time.

Gold Medals (9):
1. Filthy, Stinkin' Rich
Awarded when you have 999 Coins.

2. No More Need for Money
Awarded after you've bought everything from Omar's store.

Awarded after reaching a 100% Completion in a game. Duh.

4. These Scars Will Never Heal
Awarded after beating Nightmare Mode for the first time.

5. No More, Please...
Awarded after completing Never Mode for the first time.

6. So Shiny...
Awarded after collecting all 12 Pieces.

7. Model Student
Awarded after beating all normal levels with an A Rank.
(So that doesn't imply to Boss or Bonus Stages or Scenes.)

8. The End of the Red Age
Awarded after beating Other Klyde, the final boss, for the first time.

9. In My Dreams, I Make the Rules
Awarded after beating Ultimate, the optional boss, for the first time.

and lastly,

Star Medals (1):
1. No More Replays, Right?
Awarded after collecting all Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals.

But, there's also additional

Challenge Medals (6):

1. Still Intact
Awarded when you complete any Mode without dying once.
(Yeah, I bet you'd choose Nice Mode, right?)

2. Quick Feet
Awarded when you complete any level (in any Mode) within a minute. **

3. The Hard Way
Awarded if you choose to take a harder path in a level.
(This should be quite easy, really.)

4. Beginner Equipment
Awarded after beating Nightmare/Never Mode without any Upgrades.
(This could be challenging...)

5. Really Quick Feet
Awarded after beating a Game (in any Mode) within 30 minutes. **

6. Challenge Champion
Awarded after achieving all other Challenge Medals.

** Depending on the length of the levels/game, these times might be changed.
*** This is only if I add Outfits into the game.

Some of these Medals might not make it to the final version, but these are all I've thought up so far.

I might delete this post.

That's all for now.