Monday, November 28, 2016

BBNR "Mech Test"

Hey, I've actually started working on it! Yay...
So, I had time today, thought- Hey, maybe actually do something about this...
Never mind. I'll stop trying to make an interesting introduction to this post and just get to it.

So far:
-Two types of Saws
*A quick one, bangs and bounces at the end, one direction)
*A slow one, slowly moves into one direction, bounces at the ends
-Mala and her "Nice/Normal Outfit" as well as basic movements. Items, as well as their functions, have been added.
-A parallax background, not visible in the screenshot, set by the HP Gauge at the top left.
-A small level (called "TEST") with almost perfect tiling. (Not sure if final)
-Added two additional test levels; "TUTORIALTEST" and "HUMABOSS"

Here are two three screenshots from the "mech test" (shrunk to fit the post):

Current in-game resolution: 640 x 480
Current in-game framerate: 30 FPS
The start of the test level, the "quick" Saw
The end of the test level, the "slow" Saw
Addition: Huma's Boss Stage. Obviously, though, it doesn't work yet.

Do you like it? Should the game look like this?

Just wanted you to see a glance.

I will try and get some good footage for a future post, but I'll have to see that through.

That's all for now.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Decision on BBNR's key feature...

BBNR was supposed to have "changing colors", being the game's main feature.
I've come to a conclusion that I'm not capable of doing it.
It will be mentioned in the Museum (A bit of a spoiler there, I'll talk about this "Museum" later...)

The reason I think I can't do it is because of the complexity it would be.
I should constantly check if it works properly and I can't use GM to its fullest, so I can't really make a feature like that.
Therefore I'll make the game with the current "light" color scheme.
It'll also save me time from making each frame look different.
The other color schemes may act as development to the final light version, like it used to be.

One more thing, when I started talking to Deemo about the game's music, he said that the game's font is "too small to read". However, those "screenshots" are just pictures drawn on MS Paint.

And the font? Now it's old. I've made a new font for BBNR, characters being max 7*7 pixels wide. Unfortunately, it isn't an official font, just hand-drawn.

Because of this, it's very time-consuming and difficult to write every line in the game, but I rather do that than go through the trouble to create an actual font.

That's all for now.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

BBNR demo (announcement?)

I was thinking of making a BBNR demo. If that would prove this idea to be interesting for the gamers, I would (more than?) happily develop the full game.

Of course, in "My current intentions" post... Sh*t...
Well, might as well shelve the Kauppa Guide game and focus on this demo. It's more important, anyway.

I've already talked to Deemo-R about this and I think he's pretty much agreeing with me.
He'd do 7 of the... (was it 31 or 29 tracks?) for the demo.
(Oh yeah, check him out. He makes amazing music.)

What I plan to include in the demo:
- Full 1st Chapter (Levels 1-6, including the Boss and Bonus Stages)
- The first two Items (Double Jump Boots and the Boxing Glove)
- A few Medals
- Possible placeholder music by Deemo-R (?)
- It'll be free (being only a demo, of course)

When I've done more progress to this sudden side project, I'll post more about it.

Also, Deemo, thanks for the sketches. They're quite amazing.

That's all for now.

Friday, November 11, 2016

A Finnish guide to tourists

UPDATE 1 - A new way to spell Ä and Ö! LEGIT!

If you ever visit Finland and want to know a bit of our complex language, keep this in mind.
Many Finns understand English. Still, some of us might not. If you want to give it a try, here's a few useful words and sentences. Try to pronounce them as they're written (the way we talk).

Also, we Finns use Äs and Ös.
Ä sounds like the A in "last".
Ö sounds like the I in "first".

Hei. (Hi.)
Moi. (a bit more informal "hei", used with friends)
Terve! (Hello!)
Päivää! / Hyvää päivää! (Good day!)
Iltaa! / Hyvää iltaa! (Good evening!)

Kuinka(s) menee? (How is it going? / How are you doing?)
Miten (sinulla) menee? (How is it going? / How are you doing?)

Minulla menee hyvin. (I'm doing fine.)
Huono päivä... (A bad day...)
Ihan hyvin, entäs sinulla? (Just fine, what about you?)

Asking for something:
Anteeksi... (Excuse me...)
Haittaako jos kysyn jotain? (Mind if I ask something?)

Puhutko englantia? (Do you speak English?)

Missä on... (Where's the...)
- vessa? (toilet? / bathroom?)
- keittiö? (kitchen?)
- eteinen? (entrance?)
- hotelli? (hotel?)
- puhelin? (telephone?)
- elokuvateatteri? / leffateatteri? (cinema? / movie theater?)
- rautatieasema? / juna-asema? (train station?)
- kauppa? (store?)
- sairaala? (hospital?)

Another way to say "Where's this?" is to swap the places of "on?" and the location. For example:
Missä vessa on?

Giving directions:
Vasemmalle... (To the left...)
Suoraan eteenpäin... (Go forward...)
Oikealle... (To the right...)

...lta / ...sta (from...)
EXAMPLE: Sairaalalta (from the hospital)
EXAMPLE P2: Sairaalasta eteenpäin (Go forward from the hospital)

Kiitos. (Thank you.)
Kiitti. (Thanks.)
Kiitos (todella) paljon. (Thank you very much.)

Hei hei. (Bye bye.)
Näkemiin! (See you!)
Moi moi. (Bye bye, used with acquaintances)

If you want to sound a bit more fluent, try to extend the double letters as you talk. It's a bit more Finnish.

*Ääkköset are a twist from our word for alphabet, aakkoset. We use it for ä and ö only. (?)

One more thing, don't trust Google Translator. You never know.

That's all for now.