Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Small changes for ease

I've decided to make a small change in Kauppa Guide...

I've been having trouble with one of the simplest mechanics ever: To show a tick next to the selected game to show you that this game was completed, in Normal Mode or Hard Mode.

So, I've decided to reject that idea and add a menu called "Progress" instead.

In this menu, it'd show the faces of the game characters and a colored tick next to them.
There'd also be the stats of completed Normal Mode and Hard Mode games.
I have to think if there could be something else, too.

If I use this technique, I might actually get it to work and I can move on to the other mini games.

I've also come up with lots of game ideas, but they have to wait. A LOOOONG time...

That's all for now.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Update: Nothing done...

I'm completely confused...
I'm getting nothing done.

All that's now working in Kauppa Guide (besides the menus) is the first mini game, Siivouskeikka (Cleaning Duty in English) and even that isn't completely playable. I'm progressing very slowly, but I'm getting it done.

That's all for now.