Monday, June 27, 2016

Having troubles with... EVERYTHING...

So, I've lately gone through a lot...

For about a week and a half, my family's been to Ireland.
In the meantime, I had to take care of the cats and meet my personal assistant EVERY DAY...
Oh yeah, I also had many music therapy (MuTe) meetings...

Also, I had a 39 degree fever yesterday...

And now something about BBNR...
The game is supposed to have "changing colors", meaning that the graphics go more blank as you get hurt. The custom picture below is supposed to present that.

As I am now, I'm not certain if I'm capable of doing this feature. A possibility is that all backgrounds are active and have all their states (light, color, blank) but only one of them is visible at a time.
Maybe this could be used on the tiles as well... Who knows?

At the worst case, this "main feature" must be left out, possibly replaced with transparent black rings or something like that...

That's all for now...

Friday, June 17, 2016

A GameJolt account

I finally created my own GameJolt account.
Ayrayen recommended me to make one, so...

Aleksi_Allu13 is the name of my profile. Currently I have no games on there, but when I'm done with

Cube-Hard (2) Remake
(considered to be renamed as "Cube-Hard Remake Collection")

Cube-Hard 3

I'll upload them there, as FREE.

I'll probably upload Kauppa Guide there, as well.

PS. As I'm writing this:

- I update some older posts from time to time, so be sure to check them every now and then.

That's all for now.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Should I make I Affect the World; the Story of Mala PAID?

I've been thinking...

Game Maker Studio (which I happen to own) allows developers to publish games to GM Player, which pretty much replaces Sandbox (as far as I know).*

But, Player also allows developers to sell their games (with "30% revenue" to Yoyo Games?*) with a limit to how many games you can upload at a time, which are:
2 (Free)*
5 (Professional, I own it)*
10 (Master Collection)*

The question is:
If I upload my game (BBNR) there, will I have it free or paid?

Well, paid games must be good and fun to play... I'm certain my game will be that.
But, my development skills aren't good;
I mostly use Drag n' Drop actions (which are for beginners).
I think I could upload it for 0.99-1.99 if I make it entirely in GML? Of course, that could take some time...

What I want to provide:
- Fun and challenging gameplay
- Interesting plot and backstory
- Controls that are comfortable (possible Gamepad support?)
- Medals and different Modes for replay value (?)
- A colorful bunch of characters and a beautiful world
- A fitting soundtrack (which might have to be made by someone else...)
- Fun bosses (I really like my concept for Hock the Rock Hedgehog...)

The problem here:
I m not certain of requirements for selling a game in the Player.
(If there are any specific ones about the way the games are made, I've missed them.)

Why paid?
- If I put lots of effort into BBNR, I wish to get more than reviews or ratings.
I want effort salary. **

If you want a straight link to Game Maker Player:

* I found information from GM Player FAQs.
** Here, I meant to say "vaivanpalkka" which means "payment for effort".
Translations were always "effort salary".

I might delete this post.

* Required

Saturday, June 11, 2016

I suck at designing...

Lately, I've thought up so many beautiful worlds, each having a unique story and landscape.
Unfortunately, I have one problem; myself. I suck at executing them.

Some of you might already know about my Old Allu13 games. They were poorly executed and I regret it up to this day. Luckily, it seems they can't be found anymore.
What I would want to be able to do is to create games with beautiful appearance, but it just isn't possible for me.
I'd have to find a professional (or at least someone better than me) somewhere but I don't know where.

What I'm worst at is making backgrounds. All the time, I think of something, but I can't bring it to my screen.
This picture is my latest result for a forest background in BBNR.

Not very pretty, right?
Its current version

As seen on this picture, this is pretty much my creativity's limit.
I don't want to execute background designs as I'm not good at it, but I don't want to publish a game without any, either. So, yeah, there's a problem.

If I can't find a solution soon, I might end up "Destroying" all my ideas or give them to someone else to continue...

So in short:
- I'm good at creating unique worlds, each having their own characters and stories (inside my head).
- I'm terrible in execution as I lack the required experience.
(Like... I don't know proper programming language like C...)

That's all for now...

Thursday, June 9, 2016

I Affect the World; the Story of Mala (Medals)

I didn't want to post this as this post includes spoilers for my game.
But, I'm doing it anyway. Here are the 27 33 34 35 Medals I'm planning to have in BBNR:

Modification 1 - Added 6 Challenge Medals (see below)
Modification 2 - Added Medal "Nothing to Wear" as the 7th Silver Medal
Modification 3 - Added Medal "Animal Lovers Disapprove" and changed Medal "Not... Enough..."
Modification 4 - Changed the Coin Medals

Bronze Medals (8):
1. Rich
Awarded when you have 100 Coins.

2. Shiny...
Awarded when you've collected the first of 12 Pieces (by finding it in a level or completing a Bonus Stage).

3. Masochistic
Awarded when you create a game in all 4 slots.
(Stupid, I know...)

4. Animal Lovers Disapprove
Awarded after killing a total of 50 enemies (of any kind).

5. My First Purchase
Awarded when you've bought your first item at Omar's Store.

6. A Raise
Awarded when you've beaten one of the Bonus Stages.

7. Guess the Match is Over
Awarded when you beat Mama Boxer for the first time.

8. Get Out of the Way!
Awarded when you beat Gatekeeper for the first time.

Silver Medals (11):
1. Very. Rich
Awarded when you have 500 Coins.

2. Okay, Better Avoid That...
Awarded after you've found all the ways to die in the game.
(You have to visit Nightmare/Never Mode to find one of them.)

3. Winged
Awarded after completing a level with an A Rank.

4. Sweet Tooth
Awarded after eating a total of 100 Lollipops (the items used to restore lost Heart Units).

5. The End.
Awarded after beating the game in Nice or Normal Mode for the first time.

6. Not... Enough...
Awarded after killing a total of 100 enemies (of any kind).

7. Nothing to Wear
Awarded after buying all Outfits form Omar's store. ***

8. A Row of Bonuses
Awarded after completing all Bonus Stages once.

9. No More Hogging Around
Awarded after beating Hock for the first time.

10. Sinking to the Bottom
Awarded after you defeat Huma for the first time.

11. No More Sciophobia
Awarded after beating Shadow Mala for the first time.

Gold Medals (9):
1. Filthy, Stinkin' Rich
Awarded when you have 999 Coins.

2. No More Need for Money
Awarded after you've bought everything from Omar's store.

Awarded after reaching a 100% Completion in a game. Duh.

4. These Scars Will Never Heal
Awarded after beating Nightmare Mode for the first time.

5. No More, Please...
Awarded after completing Never Mode for the first time.

6. So Shiny...
Awarded after collecting all 12 Pieces.

7. Model Student
Awarded after beating all normal levels with an A Rank.
(So that doesn't imply to Boss or Bonus Stages or Scenes.)

8. The End of the Red Age
Awarded after beating Other Klyde, the final boss, for the first time.

9. In My Dreams, I Make the Rules
Awarded after beating Ultimate, the optional boss, for the first time.

and lastly,

Star Medals (1):
1. No More Replays, Right?
Awarded after collecting all Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals.

But, there's also additional

Challenge Medals (6):

1. Still Intact
Awarded when you complete any Mode without dying once.
(Yeah, I bet you'd choose Nice Mode, right?)

2. Quick Feet
Awarded when you complete any level (in any Mode) within a minute. **

3. The Hard Way
Awarded if you choose to take a harder path in a level.
(This should be quite easy, really.)

4. Beginner Equipment
Awarded after beating Nightmare/Never Mode without any Upgrades.
(This could be challenging...)

5. Really Quick Feet
Awarded after beating a Game (in any Mode) within 30 minutes. **

6. Challenge Champion
Awarded after achieving all other Challenge Medals.

** Depending on the length of the levels/game, these times might be changed.
*** This is only if I add Outfits into the game.

Some of these Medals might not make it to the final version, but these are all I've thought up so far.

I might delete this post.

That's all for now.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Summer plans

As I'm still at the laptop, I might as well tell how my summer break is planned.
I have two months (June and July) which is about 61 days. That is a lot of time.
I was thinking of using (most of) it to create my games, as I also have a game to be made for school (so it has to be done before 2nd semester)

In short sections:
* Planning my 4 games (SHTMMOR, CH3, CH2R, BBNR)
* Fully develop my school game which I named "Kauppa Guide" (literally Shop Guide)
* Watch videos and anime and read manga (Yes, I like anime and manga :3)
* Go to meetings with personal assistant, music therapist, doctor etc.
* Go to a dental hygienist appointment, which I missed on 1st of April (which cost me 40 euros)
(You could say I got April fooled...)

But, yeah, I think I'm gonna be very busy with my games.
Kauppa Guide might be my first "New Allu13" game to be released.

Logging out soon. Good night, people.

I Affect the World; the Story of Mala (Items)

I think I should present these real quick:

Items. The important part of gameplay in BBNR. They help you get through seemingly impossible obstacles like walls, chains and doors.

Here are the 5 Items Mala can use during the game.
(A note here: In Chapter 6: Final Steps, you're unable to use your Items. Check the bottom to find out why.)

Item 1 - Double Jump Boots

The first Item you HAVE TO obtain are the... you know already. Double Jump Boots.
The ability is also obvious; Double Jumping. However, the Double Jump is a short one, giving only a bit more height.
With the Upgrade "Equal Double Jump" your Double Jump is just as high as your normal jumps.
The Item is lying around in level 1-3. (?)

Text Boxes:
"You've obtained the Double Jump Boots!"
"With these, you can jump twice before landing. Not sure, why."

Item 2 - Boxing Glove

The second Item is the Boxing Glove. It works like a boomerang.
It's supposed to be used on tight levers to open doors or something to do with attacking enemies?
Every time you send it flying, it bounces from any wall or enemy it hits.
With the Upgrade "Solid Boxing Glove Toss" your Boxing Glove goes through anything and returns normally back to you. This can be used on blocked levers, too.
The Item is obtainable after beating Mama Boxer in level 1-6.

Text Boxes:
"You've obtained the Boxing Glove!"
"Press <Boxing Glove key> to throw the Boxing Glove. It returns like a boomerang."

Item 3 - Rock Thorn

The Rock Thorn actually comes from Hock's remains as he is destroyed by Klyde.
As how it works... It's a short-range weapon. It deals more damage than Boxing Glove, though...
The effect is a short animation of Mala swinging the Thorn. Used for cutting rope and chains carrying planks or boxes. (?)
With the Upgrade "Sharpened Rock Thorn" it will cause twice the damage upon impact, making it a very effective weapon against Ultimate, the optional boss in Chapter 7. (?)
The Item is obtainable after beating Hock in level 2-5.

Text Boxes:
"You've obtained the Rock Thorn!"
"Use <Rock Thorn key> to swing the Rock Thorn. It has a short range but does cut well into rope and chain."

Item 4 - Gem of Darkness (design in progress)

The fourth Item is the Gem of Darkness.
It's used in swapping between reality and shadows (like mentioned in an earlier entry) to get through obstacles and kill enemy shadows. (Required for A Rank)
With the Upgrade "Darkness Rejection" you recover your Stamina right away after returning to reality.
The Item is obtainable after beating Huma in level 3-4.

Text Boxes:
"You've obtained the Gem of Darkness!"
"Use <Gem of Darkness key> to switch between shadows and reality. You have a limited time in there, though..."

Item 5 - Book of the Royals

And lastly, Book of the Royals. It doesn't have any in-game benefit, unless it gives discounts in Nice/Normal Mode.
This is the only Item with no Upgrades. It mostly services as part of the story, not the gameplay.
The Item is obtainable after beating Shadow Mala in level 4-4.

All the Items are stolen by Other Klyde after beating the Gatekeeper at level 5-5. (?) Because he steals your Items, you're unable to use them in Chapter 6. However, playing other Chapters after completing Chapter 5 will still have your Items in use.
(In short: Chapter 6 is the only Chapter where you can't use Items.)

And questions I created and answered:
Why can you use Items in Chapter 7?
- Because it's an extra Chapter that takes place in Mala's dream.

Why do I need Upgrades?
- They are used for 100% completion besides giving benefit.

Why doesn't Book of the Royals have any benefit or Upgrades?
- Because I simply can't figure out anything useful done by a book. Also, there's no way to upgrade a non-existant ability.

(?) - Uncertain

That's all for now.