Friday, April 29, 2016

For some reason... Yandere Simulator...

Yandere Simulator, the game (nearly) everyone has played? I bet you (people reading this) all have at least heard of this game (sandbox) which has been in development for some time now.
The game has lots of fan art and even a Wiki even if the game isn't even ready! I think that's pretty... weird.

As what comes to Yandere Sim with me... I... I'm not into it. I hate stealth games because I suck at them. I'd rather barge in and tear down everything with massive gunfire. I don't think you could do that in the finished Yandere Sim.

And fan art? It's pretty good (except for the cat comic... Ugh... The poor cat...)

And for some reason, I drew a picture featuring Yandere-chan... (Can you please kill me now?)

Admire/hate/complain about/use it as much as you want. I don't really care...

Monday, April 25, 2016

The biggest issue(s) with I Affect the World; the Story of Mala

Written during lunch break.

There are two things I suck at in game development; making backgrounds and composing music.

With (pretty much) all my games, these are the biggest obstacles.
The reason for why the characters and such turned out good (IMO) for BBNR is that I know how to visualize it.

First I draw the outline ("blank"), then I add the basic colors ("color") and only then I'll add shading ("light").

Here's a quick example: (use if you want for all I care)

For some reason I can't seem to want to use this method in my other games... Or maybe I do someday?

Making backgrounds isn't the same. I tried this by drawing "distant spruces"... I don't know what to say about it.

Here's another example: (might be used for BBNR (if enhanced))

I can't think of anything else to write about so I guess that's all for now.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

I Affect the World; the Story of Mala Concept

So, I'm working on 4 games...
That's a lotta work...

One of them is "I Affect the World; the Story of Mala" with abbreviation "BBNR".
Now I wanted to show some of you what I've thought up so far...

I'm not sure if all of these are final characters...

If you have ANY character suggestions, I'd appreciate if you'd let me know.

That's all for now.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Some Random Thoughts...

I consider myself a neutral person. I don't know if I brought this up earlier. Many thoughts travel through: negative, neutral, positive...

I think good and bad about myself and others.
Here are some random thoughts in their negativity/positivity level:

- I think of myself as a "useless, lazy fatass". I usually think about how much I hate my life and would want it to end.
"I'm nothing but trouble..."
"Why do I try and live alongside others...?"
"Nobody understands me."
"I just want to die right here and now."
"I wanna shoot myself, I wanna fall off from a height and die, I wanna slit my throat etc..."

(NOTE: These thoughts are... um... kinda brutal... And they usually come to mind when I'm not in a good mood, so... Don't tell anyone, OK?)

- I think of myself as a good person who hates his own life. I usually come up with something like:
"I am pretty useless, but I also have something to live for..."
"I don't like it, but I have no other choice."
"I guess I'm not all that bad... Although I act like an idiot..."
"Why am I so childish?"

- I calm myself down with good thoughts, like how I'd help in a certain situation, how I'd take responsibility or something.
"I am me. I can accept myself as who I am."
"Life is interesting. I wanna see more of it..."
"There are still things I'd like to do..."

Guess I feel a bit better now...

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

From "Old Allu13" to "New Allu13"

I've changed a lot...
Here I'll list some things as I've gone exploring Game Maker and what it has to offer.

"Old Allu13":
- First, I heard about Game Maker from my mother.
- My father downloaded Game Maker 8.1 Lite.
- My game development started from basic "click the fruit and not the bombs" tutorials.
- I found an easy platformer tutorial. Then I started making simple platformers.
- I made many. They were all bad.
- Then I made some changes. I planned graphics in Paint first as I'm more creative there.
- I created Cube-Hard 2.
- Time has passed. I got Game Maker Studio Professional.
- I made more unfinished projects and tests.
- I stopped publishing games as Yoyogames Sandbox was shut down.
(You can't login or register anymore. Games are still downloadable, though. Even my old games...)

"New Allu13":
- Now I'm making better detail to my gaming worlds.
- I found many amazing composers on Newgrounds.
- I've put more effort into animating and programming.
- I started creating lists for game planning.
- I got an idea to remake two of my older games. (CH2R)
- I found a great technique to create wonderful coloring and animations for my game "I Affect the World; the Story of Mala".
- I'm possibly going to upload finished projects to Game Maker Player. (Maybe with a small price...)

At this moment,
- I'm developing four game simultaneously.
(BBNR was the first title for "I Affect the World; the Story of Mala", called "Be Blank n' RAGE!")
- I'm busy with school and other errands.
- I listen to game music (like "Rage Awakened" form Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix) for inspiration.
- I wish to finish these games ASAP.

Nothing else at the moment.

(more pictures might be coming soon)

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Game Progress

As I am on the computer, I want to put these out:

Short description: "A Top-Down RPG with map fight mechanics"
-Currently "In Consideration"
-Composer(s) found: Deemo-R (currently on hold)
Concept (graphics, characters, enemies, bosses, speech)
Plot (unfinished, nearly ready)
Graphics (huge lack)
Mechanics (testing started)
Language(s): English
Playable: NO
Price: uncertain
Out to: uncertain
Out: NO

Cube-Hard 3
Short description: "A Rage Platformer in four colors"
-Currently "Delayed"
-Composer(s) found: Coffee-Break, Ayrayen, ComposerKoen, PineappleHeadFIlms, DJJamez, Intero
Concept (graphics, characters, enemies, bosses, speech)
Plot (done)
Graphics (some lack)
Mechanics (unfinished, nearly ready)
Language(s): English
Playable: YES
Price: Free
Out to: GameJolt?
Out: NO

Cube-Hard Remake Collection
Short description: "A Rage Platformer with two games"
-Currently "Unfinished"
-Composer(s) found: Ayrayen (possible)
Concept (graphics, characters, enemies, bosses, speech)
Plot (unfinished, nearly ready)
Graphics (some lack)
Mechanics ("mech test" started, similar to original(s))
Language(s): English
Playable: NO
Price: Free
Out to: GameJolt?
Out: NO

I Affect the World; the Story of Mala
Short description: "A Rage Platformer with changing colors"
-Currently "In Development"
-Composer(s) found: Deemo-R
Concept (graphics, characters, bosses, speech)
Plot (unfinished, nearly ready)
Graphics (some lack)
Mechanics (started)
Language(s): English
Playable: NO
Price: uncertain, possibly paid (0.99-1.99)
Out to: GameJolt?
Out: NO

Kauppa Guide
Short description: "A Collection of 4 mini games"
-Currently "In Development"
-Composer(s) found: Ayrayen (possible)
Concept (graphics, characters, gameplay)
Graphics (some lack)
Mechanics (started)
Language(s): English, Finnish
Playable: NO
Price: Free
Out to: GameJolt?
Out: NO

DEADLINE: 16th August 2016 (LATE)

I Have Asperger's

I literally have nothing to do at the moment, so:
I already mentioned this, but one day I found a picture which describes me pretty well...

Advanced Vocabulary
I guess...

Sensitive to Criticism
That's true... That happened once...
Once, I was still a beginner (worse than now) with GM and I made a game called Heroes High Test.
A user (critic, to be honest) called "MrNubNub" (or something like that) gave my game 2/5 stars and mentioned something like "repetitive bosses" and "boring story".
I "snapped" and wrote a rage comment on his profile.
(That was a bad decision I made and I consider it one of the worst mistakes of my life...)

Particular Topic Obsession
The reason I never join in conversations...

Endless Talking
Unfortunately, true. I usually blab and blab...

Rigid *
I... guess I am?
I don't even know what it means to begin with.

I don't know... Does "English accent" count?

Easily Distressed
True. I feel like it a lot.

Remiss *
I guess that's right?

Socially Challenged
That's true, I'm hardly social.
But, that is to expected from an Asperger, right???
I guess it's because I... don't like to talk with people...

Found with Google Image Search using "asperger".

*TBH, I don't even know these words... I translated using Google Translator.

Friday, April 1, 2016

So many game ideas...

I have a wild imagination. Usually I don't even realize that I'm wandering aimlessly between the kitchen and the living room while listening to instrumental game music. (It's a weird habit of mine...)

Lately, so many game ideas popped into my head out of nowhere, so I decided to add them onto a list I call "Allu13ideas".

In there, I have many game ideas I can't make yet (because I'm still currently working on SHTMMOR) but which I intend to make in some form later (unless I hand the ideas and concept to someone else or simply never make them).

What I planned to write here now were these few game ideas I came up with:
(Simple 2D Two-color Platformer)

- Retro Tower
(Simple 2D, possibly 3D Multi-color Platformer)

- Under the Sun and the Moon
(Simple 2D Two-color Platformer)

- Deep in Space
(Simple Two-color Text Adventure)

- The Journey of Dylan Woodcold, the Avenger
(Simple 2D Multi-color Turn-based Top-Down RPG)
Dylan Woodcold is the protagonist from my first Old Allu13 game, simply titled The Avenger.

- Cube-Hard (2) Remake
(Simple 2D Multi-color Rage Platformer)
Like an enhanced mix of my two Cube-Hard games, mentioned in an earlier entry.

- I Affect the World, the Story of Mala
(Simple 2D Multi-Two-color Rage Platformer)

And just in case you don't understand the descriptions:
(game is made with simple features/programming)
This might imply to all games...

(game is made into a 2D environment)

(game is presented in only two colors (like just red and black))

-Possibly 3D
(game is possibly going to be in 3D environment)
I don't think I'm ever making 3D games with Game Maker...

(game is presented in many colors)

(game is played in a top-down view)

(game is purposely extremely difficult)

(game has a turn-based battle system, RPGs only)

(game is presented in only two colors and many colors separately)

(game is a platforming game)

(game is a role-playing game, possibly with HP, XP, LV etc.)

-Text Adventure
(story is played and visualized as just text)