Thursday, March 17, 2016

Cube-Hard Remake?

Some of you might know about one or two of my "Old Allu13" games, Cube-Hard and its sequel Cube-Hard 2. The games were horrible (in my opinion) so I recently had a thought of doing a "remake" where graphics are a bit enhanced and I won't... use... copyrighted songs... without permission... (Low Frequency Ocelot's music in CH2)

Instead having a composer (maybe someone I've already had contact with in Newgrounds) to make the songs, as there are not too many I need.

Yes, I'm currently working on SHTMMOR, but right now it's not going anywhere due to lack of graphics... So I thought; why not create a new version of two games I've already made in the meantime? After all, all I should do is create a few new levels, change music and mechanics and I'd be done.

Opinions, anyone (even though I think the comment section will stay empty)?