Saturday, May 28, 2016

I Affect the World; the Story of Mala concept (Screens)

I wanted to post these here:

The concept screen for HUD placement in the game. Currently, I think this will be how it is.
* Hearts: Presents the player's (Mala) current health. Obviously.
* Darkness: The gauge at the top. Presents the Level of Darkness.
To explain: Darkness is one function and obstacle in the game.
After obtaining the Gem of Darkness (the fourth Item, obtained after beating Huma, the third boss) the player can swap between "shadows" and "reality".

In the shadows, this gauge will drain away. After coming to reality, the gauge will recover (unless you've bought Darkness Rejection, a product at Omar's store, which recovers all power after coming to reality).
Losing all power leads to either dying instantly or losing health continuously.
* Coin Counter: The current amount of coins. Spent on Omar's store.
* Item Box: The current Item. Used in Control Type 2: Tight Pack. (?)
* Boss Gauge: Presents the boss' health. Each one has a different color.

The concept screen for Speech Boxes. I don't think I'm changing it. Pressing any key would progress the speech.
* Name: Every character has a different color.
* Lines: Might have different colors to highlight different things.

The concept screen for Omar's store. It has quite many things...
* Category: A different menu you choose one from. Then product menu pops up. (?)
* Products: The selected category's items.
(Yellow: Bought, White: Available, Red: Unavailable)
* Description: The item's icon, name, effect and price are shown here.
In Nightmare/Never:
* The prices are higher
* The Coins are worth less (From 10, 5 and 1 to 3, 2 and 1)

The concept screen for Nice/Normal Map in the game. I think it's simple but effective.
* Mode title: Not sure if this will be present in the final game.
* A-Rank: A small change for the level, as A Rank is reached, the level grows angel wings. Any achieved Rank is presented on the level. Rankings might be:
C (complete the level normally)
B (complete the level killing all the enemies)
and A (complete the level, killing all the enemies and collecting all Coins)
Yeah, they're not all present in the picture but you get the point.
* Bonus Stage: Possibly an extra stage with a mini game. Must be completed for 100%.
* Locked: Levels that are gray and have a lock on them are locked (obviously). The last level must be completed to unlock it. The lock might shatter to pieces in the final game.
* Level Info: Presents the current chapter and the selected stage, as well as the total progress of the chapter. On the right, there's the Rank and Total Death counters, as well as the Piece Box.
The Pieces could be hidden items in certain levels. Finding them all could lead to a better ending (?)

The concept screen for Nightmare/Never Map in the game. Doesn't differ much from the one above.
The differences:
* Background is red. (Not just in the picture, but also in the final game.)
* The angel wings are replaced with... demon wings.
* The levels on the map have different looks.
* The Chapter's Names and Level's Names are changed, as well as their color.

And lastly for now, the concept screen for the levels' result stats. I MIGHT change it in the future.
* Time: How much time was taken in the level, in minutes and seconds. (?)
* Kills: How many enemies were killed in the level.
* Deaths: How many times the player has died in the level.
* Coins: How many new Coins were collected in the level.
If a Ten Coin was collected, it might turn into a Five Coin the next time you visit the level. (?)
* Bonus: I guess if the Piece was collected, you're awarded with extra Coins? (?)
(Miight as well be given if all Coins were collected or A Rank reached)
* Rank: Depends on your results.
For A Rank:
* Taking as little time as possible (less than Goal Time).
* Killing all the enemies.
* Not dying even once.
* Collecting all the Coins.
* Collecting the Piece.
* Piece Found: If the Piece was collected, this will be shown at the bottom-right, like shown in the picture.
* New Record: The Yellow Crowns next to the stats. Shown if a better result was made. (?)

I'm not sure if the game will look like this. If it does, I hope you won't be disappointed.

All these pictures were made with Microsoft Paint (if that wasn't obvious).
The game's real resolution may be either 640x480 or 1024x768...

(?) - Uncertain

That's all for now.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Do you want to learn Finnish?

There are many things about Finnish language; it's COMPLEX...
Even as a Finn, I keep having troubles with my own √§idinkieli
(literally "mother's tongue" without a needed space, means native language).

Anyway, I was thinking; is there a need for this idea?

Do you want to understand more about Finnish language? Maybe a few sentences?
Do you possibly want to know more about Finland (from my perspective)?

Let me know. Not posting any for no reason...

What I can teach:
* Simple words:
- Objects
- Seasons
- Months
- Weekdays

* Simple sentences
- For foreigner tourists
- Everyday life

* "Pretty Off" translations:
- Home Sweet Home
- Third time's the charm
and other kinds of sayings...

A ridiculous game idea I can't commit - Fur Fighters: Fur Real

So I was listening to Fur Fighters music (PS2 version to be exact) with an idea in my head once again.

A more "realistic" Fur Fighters game. It's ridiculous.
And because I am an idiot (in a way), I'm telling you, the reader, about this idea of mine (in detail), as well as why I can't commit it.

The idea:

It wouldn't differ much in story or level design.

It would've been either isometric, third person or first person...
* Making isometric, TPS or FPS games (or any game having depth) isn't my specialty. Therefore this idea is impossible.

How it would've differed from the original:

Realistic weapons:
* The guns as well as the way Fur Fighters hold them would be more realistic, like a Shotgun.
(It would also have options/cheats like "Realistic Guns" which makes guns reloadable but therefore slower)
In the original, any Fur Fighter holds the selected gun single handedly, even if the gun had two handles.

The HUD would be different;
* HP would be shown as percents, with the silhouette of the current Fur Fighter's head.
(Okay, the original does have percents but it doesn't show the "%" next to the number)
* "Tokens" and "Rescued Babies" would be presented in gauges on bottom-right corner, which would be replaced by Boss gauges during a boss battle.
* Weapon Bar would be vertical and on the left side of the screen, with the current weapon's ammunition presented next to it.
(Like if the selected weapon was a Submachine Gun and it had 240 bullets, there would be "240/300" next to it.)
It would also have added ammo presented in a green flash right next to it.
(Like +5 Shells or something)

The Fur Fighters would have different animations for different circumstances;
*Normal: if HP is above 25, normal animations occur (after a while).
*Hurt: if HP is 25 or less, Fur Fighters breathe faster, wobbling as well as having troubles with moving, shooting and reloading. (Animations would last longer)
*Dead: Depending on circumstances, a different animation occurs upon dying.
(Like standing still, falling, running, drowning (not possible in the original) exploding etc.)

Realistic swimming:
* Like in the original, only Rico could swim underwater but also the only one to stay underwater.  Others would have Oxygen gauges, (even though they rise to the surface automatically)
Running out of Oxygen would result in an instant Fluff (death)

* Menus would be more like wavy text.

The reason I can't commit it:

* It would be a copyright violation. (?)
Fur Fighters is an official game by the former Bizarre Creations and Acclaim.

* I don't have the experience or program.
I think this idea could be possible with Unity, but I can't use it.
I'm saying this because I've never tried it. (Yet, at least.)

* I don't have time or interest.
I'm in the middle of developing chaos with 4 other ideas.
Besides, if I ever got the experience for 3D games, I'm pretty sure I'd still not make this idea come to life.

That's all for now... I'll definitely consider deleting this post...

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Cube-Hard (2) Remake Progress - Boss Redesign

I've created more concept for my game project CH2R, as now I've created new boss designs. They differ in one way or another from their original ones.

Cube-Hard Remake

The first boss in Cube-Hard (Remake) is Solid-Cube 555. I usually mix up the dash in the middle... It played like follows:

* The player wouldn't be able to react quickly enough to avoid being killed right away. Wont' be repeated.

* The boss has 20 hitpoints. All drained away quickly by jumping on it.

* To get on it, the other side must be reached first.

In the Remake (planning):

* The boss has more distance from you, giving you more time to react.

* The battle ends after reaching the end, possibly with Solid-Cube falling into a giant hole.

* I'm not purposely trying to copy Super Meat Boy, okay?! This was just an inspired idea!

Next is B. O. A., which means Ball Of Acid. And, yeah, I'm definitely ripping off SMB, now...

* The player jumps on the boss to take 1 hitpoint away. You could keep jumping on it, but it could bring problems.

* After being hit enough, B.O.A. sends a key after the player, which unlocks the cannons on the ceiling. This is repeated 6 times, as all keys are present.

In the Remake (planning):

* I still haven't thought up a new method, but I think of changing the cannons to something else...?

* B.O.A. can attack you if you keep jumping on it for too long.

Then there's Bouncy Worm King, the boss of World 3...

* It would move diagonally and approach the ground, giving the player a chance to hit it.

* At first, it would approach a saw after hitting the ground, giving little time for the action above.

In the Remake (planning):

* It would bounce by gravity like all the other Bounces.

* It'd separate its tail to make it difficult for you.

Then there's the Monster, first seen in the intro and then as a boss in World 4.

* It would fly towards you in a room filled with saws and fire.

* Jumping on it would be very difficult.

* There's a way to beat this boss with ease in Wonder Mode.

In the Remake (planning):

* Change the battle to be a bit more fair for the player.

* The area would be smaller and the Monster would move freely instead.

* It could possibly spawn enemies at you.

And the final boss of Cube-Hard, Dr. Villain. As I made him, I didn't have a name so I thought one up. Also, he's not supposed to resemble Dr. Fetus from SMB...

* He would run across the level and bounce off the fire, shooting rockets in a steady timing.

* You had to jump on him 60 times, and because he randomly picks a direction to run at afterwards, it makes the battle even longer.

* He would send a seeking key to unlock the cannons at the sides, shrinking your ground.

In the Remake (planning):

* He wouldn't use a rocket launcher himself. He'd run across the screen and activate different traps.

* When he's stunned, he'd be open for 10 hits, taking away 1/5 of his health.

Cube-Hard 2 Remake
Modification 1 - Wider base
Modification 2 - Slight size change on left caterpillar track

First up is CH2's first boss, Blue Box in the Underground. The boss played out like this:

* Blue Box was open for attack whenever it didn't flash red. (with Dr. Villain waving his hands in panic inside it)

* Hitting Blue Box when flashing results in Bob getting killed.

* Bue Box has 100+ but it loses 5+ whenever hit. (every boss has 100+ in the beginning)

* After losing 25+, Villain would activate the furthest deactivated Danger Blocks to shrink the area.

* After losing 50+, Blue Box activates a mechanism that drops blocks form the ceiling whenever Blue Box hit the walls. (Obviously, the falling blocks CAN KILL BOB)

* After losing 75+, Villain activates all possible Danger Blocks, making survival quite difficult.

In the Remake, I was planning it to go somewhat like this:

* The battle is pretty much the same, with a few exceptions.

* Blue Box is bigger, so I might design the room better that Bob doesn't end up killed so easily.

* Making the fight easier; falling blocks only in Allu13 Difficulty.

* I might add a Charge attack for Blue Box. MIGHT.

* Blue Box has an entrance sequence as well as a defeat sequence.

Next is Pointy Edges, boss of the Factory.

* Pointy Edges was out of Bob's reach unless he fell down from the platforms.

* Falling down means instant failure.

* This boss was beaten by dropping crates of TNT ON it. Simply dropping it to Pointy Edges's level wasn't enough. Getting hit took away 7+. That means it requires... 15 hits.

* The Spikes are the only threat and obstacle in Bob's way to beat this boss.

* After losing 50+, Pointy Edges would speed up to make it a bit more difficult. Honestly, I don't know which is harder to hit; a slow target or a fast target.

In the Remake, I was planning it to go somewhat like this:

* Pointy Edges could possibly move around instead of horizontally at the bottom.

* Redesign has custom spikes for a reason. I didn't want to use Spikes for the boss's design again.

* I added eyes for fun. Speaking of which, I think I'll make Villain look at Bob at all times (except when hurt).

* I might give a completely different method to defeat this boss. (If so, it will not be spoiled anytime soon)

Then, there's Blast Course, the boss of Abandoned Wing. It just might be my (second) favorite boss of the game.

* Blast Course would move like Pointy Edges, but at the top.

* Blast Course would rapidly fire plasma shots from the top, making it difficult to move around.

* Method of defeat was to have TNT crates dropped on Blast Course's power supplies which were located at the far ends of the room. This would take away 5+, just like with Blue Box.

* After losing 50+, Blast Course would malfunction and go crazy, increasing movement speed and fire rate, making the fight difficult to continue.

In the Remake, I was planning it to go somewhat like this:

* The battle might just end up similar to the original.

* After losing 50+, Blast Course would use powerful beams instead of shots.

* The fight might include either an additional method or an entirely different one.

And last but not least, Lightning Bulb, the final boss at the end of the "Final World".

* A boss you can't hurt right away. You have to wait for the lightning to backfire.

* Hitting when stunned took away 10+. That means 10 hits.

* After losing 50+, Lightning Bulb has longer patterns, releases lightnings from both sides and creates Spikes when hitting a wall.

In the Remake, I was planning it to go somewhat like this:

* Lightning Bulb would have more electric attacks to use, maybe in a random order.

* Lightning Bulb would be able to jump, not only to distract Bob, but also for possible bomb drops.

* Lightning pattern is different, making it shorter and possibly more challenging.

I guess that's all for now.