Wednesday, April 19, 2017

I want to point out... (about GM48 Entry "Cave Invasion")

The game's... rather buggy. Just wow, FDT.

So far, there's only 2 forms of feedback, mostly bringing up the bugs. Sure, FDT did try to make the game quickly and efficiently. I hope...?

Now, I think I mentioned this before, but just in case I didn't, I'll just say it again.

I am going to make my own version of Cave Invasion "post-jam" and see "who's the better programmer..." Nah, I just wanna use my own art and add more to it.

However, I'm already stuck with Midbyte and other plans I've decided to take on (including SpaceXtended, still thinking about that...) so this one has to wait for a long time...

See Jam Entry (just in case you missed it...)

Currently, I think I have well over 20 "different" game ideas in total.
...I think I have to search for helping hands...

That's all for now.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

I am participating in a project for a GM48 jam.

I've "teamed up" with FlyingDeathToaster to create a small game for a jam. With two days of time, some progress is already made.

I'm mostly responsible of the game's graphics as FDT is responsible of coding. (Hope it works...)
Hopefully the game's gonna be good and ready by the deadline.

Game's current name:
The game's a scrolling shooter, sort of a bullet hell game. (This may change?)
The main purpose is to survive as long as possible while ranking up the score.
Being an "endless runner" type of game, there's no real victory.

After the jam, FDT will upload the game on Game Jolt.
Jam Entry:

That's all for now.

Monday, April 10, 2017

What the hell have I done lately?

I used a lot of money, is what I did.
I bought Frogatto & Friends for... who knows, around 9€ through Humble Bundle.
I also bought the "Hooked on Multiplayer" Bundle, that's another 9€.

Then... I bought a lot of music from Bandcamp:

Impossible Pixel by twoplayer for 5€ (with a message),
Retro Revive by Eliteferrex for 10€,
Only Built 4 Sausage Links and Knock Knock by Scattle for a total of 7€,
Super Sweet Boy: Music from SMB 5th Anniversary by Laura Shigihara for 3€,
Songs in the Key of Meat: Music from SMB 5th Anniversary by Ridiculon for 5€

Oh, I wish I could write a message to all of these amazing composers... Actually, is that still possible?

I encourage you to check these out.

That's... around 55€... Money well spent. :P

That's all for now.

PS. I might regret these purchases later... Oh well, at least I tried to support the aforementioned...

Thursday, April 6, 2017

A pixel profile pic for no real reason.

I drew him a pixelated profile pic.
Dunno if he's gonna use it or not.
Drawn 'cause boredom.
Don't care if not accurate.
©Allu13, do not steal