Sunday, February 21, 2016

Thing(s) to note

I am not going to be using this blog very often, mostly because I don't know what to write, or I just forget about it.
But I am planning on using this blog more often soon, after I really get started with my game project. I just need to find a pixel artist somewhere...

But yeah, this was nothing more than just a short update of my situation and this blog.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Things I'm not good at

Since I'm... pretty much stuck with my lesson, I'll write this short list, which I believe makes some things clear...

1. Writing comments/reviews.
I think that VERY MANY of you have seen some of my comments (was it on YouTube, Newgrounds etc.) and that they haven't been very good.
Usually it's because I don't think about what I'm writing and that's why I usually end up writing pretty stupid comments...

2. Searching info online.
This is a big problem with my studies, since, unfortunately, most of my tasks include this particular thing. I think the problem is that I am uncertain (about everything anytime.)

3. Being social.
This might be because I have Asperger's Syndrome, and that makes my life a lot harder...

4. Thinking "normally".
I have something I call "thought problems" (This consists of understanding, concentration and remembering).
What that causes, well, is pretty much my screwed up thinking and imagination.
That's why I think my game's (SHTMMOR) story might end up confusing/weird/uninteresting.
I'm afraid that happens...

5. Recording.
Now, this can mean many things, like recording videos (like the popular Let's Plays on YouTube) because I don't have required experience or equipment or recording my voice, which might be because I don't have a proper microphone.
I've tried to record my voice with my phone's mic, only to hear it turn into pretty bad quality.

6. English.
Believe me. I. STRUGGLE. To speak or write it properly, but I still end up making mistakes...
I pronounce a word wrong (like "choir", which sounds like "kwaiƶr" but I said it like "tshoir"),
I write the wrong form of a word (because one word can have MANY translations) or other mistakes...

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Shattered Memories (Things I lack)

Since it's recess, I decided to (for one reason or another) write this really short list of things I lack in SHTMMOR's development:

First and most, I lack graphics.
I am not good at making them and I need them the most at the moment.
(Mostly backgrounds and effects like explosions)

Second, I lack experience in code/GML (or, Game Maker Language)
This is quite a problem, as I intended to make my game entirely in code.
I might end up using "Drag n' Drop" actions, too, since it's easier.
(Don't judge me!)

Hopefully I'll find what I need...

-The new Allu13